North Cape King Crab

We are a wholesaler of Norwegian red king crab

The product

High quality crab

The Norwegian red king crab is rich in meat and flavor. The claw meat is especially juicy and tasteful, and is served as a delicacy in dishes all around the world.

Close up pic of king crab

Fresh or frozen

We can deliver the crab in the condition you prefer — alive and fresh out of the ocean, or frozen and gently packed.

Crab dinner - king crab

Areas of use

King crab is a versatile commodity. Similar to all seafood, it can be applied in a range of exciting dishes. The crab has a naturally great flavor, but can give you an even more tasteful experience when it is marinated in a blend of herbs and spices, and served with seasonal vegetables. Looking for a quick and tasty dish? Serve the crab on a slice of bread with lettuce and mayonnaise. Simple, yet delicious!

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About us


Today, our product is safely and efficiently exported to restaurants, grocery stores and other markets all over the world. We ship large quantities mainly to countries in North America, Europe and Asia. We are happy to ship Norwegian red king crab to any destination in the world. Feel free to ask us for a price quote.

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